28 December 2010

Blessings from the sweet Arizona sunshine

These delectable treats made their way from an Arizona backyard to our table in Wisconsin.  Each year we receive a huge box of fresh oranges and grapefruits from our married daughter Juli's in-laws~The Mckendrick family.  We are delighted in knowing that many hands picked these fruits and it makes us feel closer to our loved ones far away.  The Mckendricks are parents of 16 children plus 2 foster children!!  Thanks Chris, Kelly, and all the Mini-Mckendricks! We greatly appreciate them!


The Munck Family said...

Yum...I can taste them now! Oh I bet they are juicy ...enjoy!

Laura said...

Oh how wonderful! Yummy! I spent about 10 of my growin up years in AZ and have the best memories. My Grandma still lives there and sometimes....especially during cold MN winter like this one.....I really think about visiting her! lol

The Mayo Family said...

Yummy...we can almost smell them!
(we are not crazy) Just the sight thing & um they look like so good ...like we can smell & imagine the taste!
hey- Tricia , maybe we can...we will follow our nose & then we will get there !:)
Enjoy them! What a great gift & treat!

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

What beautiful citrus. We have them in abundance down here in florida and just went through a huge basketful. I am not very big with eating citrus or drinking oj. I do love me some apples though especially the Mcintosh...yummy!

Hope you are all doing wonderfully this holiday. Haven't made my way to visiting many blogs lately. I do need to make some time. :)

Chris xoxo

dggp said...

That is a great blessing. Enjoy those sweet fruits.