27 December 2010

Living room, parlor, family room, dining room.....

Does your home have a favorite room where everyone likes to gather? Our favorite would be our living room. Cool weather (especially) finds nearly everybody in the house gathering to this simple room for activities such as:
Sewing, arts & crafts
School lessons
Cuddling with daddy
Hair cuts
Chatting with one another
And everybody's favorite-eating meals
Where's your families favorite place in the home?

The girls made Christmas skirts, purses, and are busy knitting sweaters and gloves!


Pam said...

I see many things similar to ours! Benches and kitchen table, woodstove, chess and card games going, green comforter/blanket in the pic with two girls reading against the couch...Quilts, a wood floor area (but it's in our kitchen), people exercising, etc. How funny.
Once we looked at a house for sale that the realtor said was perfect for us. It had 8 bedrooms and no common gathering place except the smallest kitchen imaginable. He said, everyone can almost have their own rooms!! Our kids, on the other hand fretted about not being able to share rooms. I agree with you, and love our gathering areas best!

The Mayo's said...

Morning Tricia,
Love the family "closeness"!
It is what makes it all worth it! :)When "they all want to "gather"!
A question...(if you do not mind)
do you eat there as well or big kitchen also?
Meaning...I do struggle with the "if only's" Once in a while (weekly) like do all the bloggers have Large...school rooms, kitchens, living rooms...it's great just wondering? You know we all end up in one area anyway! So...just asking?
I agree with Pam...all ours end up "together" so many bedrooms is not a problem!
I think it is sweet! :)
Just wondering...?
Have a great day...looks like
"fun in the sun & snow this next few days"!

mommyx12 said...

Lori, yes we do eat in there. We have a separate dining room and our kitchen is large enough but we still eat in there. Except of course when someone is just eating a quick breakfast or sandwich or something then they stay in the kitchen. Our dining room has a table and shelf where the older kids do their lessons and I work with the younger ones in living room. They are connected with a huge doorway. I have so many meal preparations utensils that mostly the 6' table in my kitchen is used for preparing meals. I actually have 2 tables in the kitchen. One against the wall with my kitchen aid and wheat grinder on it and the other in the center for work. We just love our living room I think because of the heat in winter and the big open windows that gives lots of light. Plus it is a large room. See, now you have to come over and pay a visit sometime!!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I love our dining room. It is where we gather for school, art, meals, boys play with soldiers, devotions and such. Oh how I love my long scratched up table!

What great photos!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Mommy,

From the looks of these pictures, I would say that the living room in your home is one fun and happening place! :)

Our favorite room? I would say our library room. It's small and cozy. We usually do our family worship times in this room as well.

-Lady Rose

Kim said...

Looks like your livingroom has a lot going on! Fun times!

Our favorite room would be our dining room...we do school there, we do crafts, eat, talk, read....

Anonymous said...

So warm and cozy. I'd say that we all like to congregate in our family room by the fireplace.

dggp said...

A wonderful place to be. So cozy and warm.

busymomof10 said...

Your room looks so cozy and inviting! I can just imagine the Love in the Room!