Current Curriculum

The spine or core of our curriculum is as follows: 2015-2016

Four girls are doing Sonlight again and Mary is more eclectic!  We have been enjoying the What Your ? Grader Needs to Know for our spine.  We've used them with her in the past and she seems to enjoy them.  We add to the book using living books and she creates pages in her learning journal.

Daily work for Emma, Kaydee, Makenzie, Janai, and Mary include the following

Saxon Math 
McGuffey Readers
Apologia, Christian Liberty Nature Readers, MasterBooks, and The Handbook of Nature Study depending on what we want to do that day!
Language Arts is a mixture of Queens, Winston Grammar, and Wordly Wise 3000 depending on what we feel like doing that day!
The Classical Kids Collection for music and Lives of the Musicians -2013 complete
Charlotte Mason picture study, Lives of the Artists, and Come Look With Me Series

Curriculum 2015-2016


Same as Above for daily work includes all children
For the older children...


For the youngest we are very eclectic
Including daily work we read tons, do learning journal pages, watch fun educational videos, crafts, picture study, composer study, poetry and Shakespeare.  (Let's not forget our tea parties!  Everyone included)