01 July 2013

June was a month of many blessings....and road trips

Our family enjoyed an amazing trip in June.  From June 4th to June 18th we spent every moment we could together.  We took many photos much of the time but were careful not to spend too much time behind the camera so many activities were not recorded except in our memories.  During our time together we rode motorcycles, rock climbing, picnics, rappelling, (even the little ones-video below). We spent time at the park playing outdoor games, visited with family, went to a circus, went swimming, went to church, watched movies, played board games, talked, talked and talked some more and just simply enjoyed being together with all our kiddos.  We began in Wisconsin and our first stop was Utah, then on to Idaho, then back to Wisconsin.

Some photos of big brother Vance prepping the girls for a one way trip down a Utah cliff.  Emma seems more than ready to take on the challenge!
Janai is booting up for a side by side ride with her brother.
Here we are in Idaho with the kids having a summertime picnic.
Still in Idaho to celebrate two very special golden birthdays.  Makenzie turned 13 on the 13th and Christie turned 23 on the 23rd.  Robyn made this amazing homemade chocolate/strawberry cake with homemade vanilla ice cream.  How's that for a celebration?
We rode motorcycles in Utah and Idaho.  Here Emma is ready to take on the 600 alone.  (well, with daddy on the back, but she'll be on her own in no time)  We train them early! Gregg is riding the 650, Mary is ready for her turn and daddy is about to give a ride to Janai!
mom waiting a turn
My three sons
Daddy heading down first to be the belay person

Kaydee and Janai during our hike/rock climbing fun.
Makenzie is on her way!

Park City Utah is a beautiful town.  Here the girls and I are roaming around the town and hitting the stores.  It was a fun day out for the 7 of us.  (everyone else was dirt biking)

These sister's are quite a team.  Their love for each other is amazing.  Now that Robyn and Christie are married Kim has been spending lots of time with her 5 younger sisters.  Many a night I find all of them camping out on her bedroom floor watching a movie or just giggling as sisters do!

A sad day for Kimmy's dog Duke.  He has cancer and isn't expected to live very long.  One night he was doing poorly and to help relieve him Vance Jr. gave him an IV which helped him keep his meds down.  He is such a great dog.  Kim will miss him terribly.

 The kids haven't seen Christie or Robyn since Christie's wedding in September.  I seemed to have only gotten one photo of all the hugs.  And there were many indeed.

My boy Aaron.  What can I say!  He's great.  His entire family came together to be with him as he prepares and embarks on a mission to serve the Lord.  We are so proud of you Aaron and it is the prayer of your entire family that you serve with joy, faith, happiness, and love.  And we pray you will persevere and practice loving endurance each day and stay close to the Lord through constant prayer!

Christie and Jeff
Aaron with 3 of his sisters
Robyn and Luke
Our boy
The best 12 blessings of my life
Aaron and his 9 favorite sisters
We were so proud of our youngest girls.  They were so brave.  Mary, my 'baby' had the most precious thing to say about her fear - When I asked her if she was scared this is what she said, "I was at first when I was on the way top but as soon as I stepped over the ledge I saw daddy at the bottom and I knew that if I fell he would just catch me and I'd be okay."  Ah, the faith of a little child.  This is my hope and prayer - that each of my children will have complete faith in not only their earthly father, but most important, their Heavenly Father.

Thanks Emma for the video.  Someday you'll have to teach me how to do it!
By the time daddy and I took our turn it was getting dark so the last part is difficult to see


Becca Wylupek said...

GREAT post! Loved seeing more of the pics -- the video! Thanks for sharing!!!

Becca Wylupek said...

BTW, it looked like you knew what you were doing! (Except it was really hard to see! LOL!)

Diane said...

You have a wonderful family. Looks like a great trip.

The Munck Family said...

What a wonderful post, I'm playing catch up here now that reader is gone :( I enjoy keeping up with your sweet family and your encouraging words with homeschool things.

Anonymous said...

What a fun time.


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