09 July 2013

One Mother's Homeschool Days

For the month of June 2013

Our academic journey-Slowly but surely we are wedging our way back into a schedule since our trip.  We have just entered week 23 of Sonlight.  So not a lot to say about academics right now.  Mary has finished another McGuffey reader and she is excited about that.

Tips or advice-Roll up a ball of aluminum foil and use for fabric softener in the dryer.  I use one piece about 3 times.  Really works to keep static down.  Other than that, the only advice or tip I can give is the all important one that applies ALL the time.  Enjoy your kids.  They are the best gift!

Goals and aspirations-While it wasn't exactly my goal it was still exciting to see Mary learn how to tie.  Teaching her how to tie a show has simply escaped me over the last year or so because velcro shoes have always come to the rescue! She was so pleased with herself!

Activities-June was an incredibly busy and fun month.  Activities were blogged about in the previous post.  We spent the month of June prepping for a trip, taking a trip, and coming home and unprepping! Or in other words; trying to catch our breath!

I really enjoyed-spending time in Utah and Colorado with my family! And extended family.  We stayed a week with Gregg and Marjorie (daddy's brother) and really enjoyed ourselves with them!

Projects/ideas-I've began a project of highlighting all the reasons I pray for my children.

What mother is reading-A Woman's Life in Colonial Days

What mother is cooking-Lots of grilling outdoors.  Actually, daddy does the grilling, I do the preps.

'What mother is thinking/wondering about-I am actually thinking about getting firearms certified so I can train others in the safety and use of firearms.  I have my contact information together and need to fill out some forms.  I'm kind of excited!

A favorite quote-Being that we just celebrated our Nations birthday I thought a quote about our country would be in order.  This is one of my favorites and rings true to the core.  "This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave."  AMEN ~Elmer Davis

Living with gratitude-I am so very, very thankful for a family that loves the Lord and has a desire to serve Him.  It truly makes my heart light each and everyday when I wake up.  Knowing that even though life is NOT easy breezy and that trials come, that my family will step up and do what needs to be done to help, love, and serve one another.  Such a sweet blessing.  (I wonder all the time how it is that these blessings have come to me.  I feel truly so unworthy)

Praying for-The 19 members of the top notch fire fighting that lost their lives in the Arizona blaze.  I pray for peace for all of their families.

Highlights of my month-Family, Aaron's mission, our travels.

A fun motorcycle riding day with everyone.  A few crashes but nothing serious.  This area was quite sandy and most everyone had to fight to stay afloat!!  

I wasn't able to get a pic of everyone included in the fun but here are a few faces of those not on a motorcycle at the time the pic was taken.  All together there was daddy, mom, Kim, Robyn and Luke, Christie and Jeff, Gregg, Emma, Kaydee, Makenzie, Janai, and Mary!

Robyn and Luke

We had a blast at the circus in Idaho Falls with Christie's in laws.  The Chandler family and their 8 kids are awesome and we spent a very fun couple of days with them! They all had a great time riding the elephants at the circus!  We took pictures of it but I'm not sure where they are:(

Christie and Jeff
Robyn, Kim, and Christie

Emma, Makenzie, and Kaydee

Janai and Mary
Robyn and Luke were kind enough to let us all bunk in with them.  It was crowded but we didn't mind. We had an awesome time!  It could have been a bit worse but Kim and Gregg stayed with Christie and Jeff!  

June's life with kids moments or favorite memories-The end of June brought us home and placed us back into daily life.  Which in the summer of course is swimming ALL the time!

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The Munck Family said...

Loved the swimming pictures, so fun!!!! I've said it before but will say it again, your one blessed Mama:)