24 May 2013

One Mother's Homeschool Days

For the months of April and May 2013

Tips or advice-Bringing lessons, play, and meals out of doors in nice weather is a blessing to be had.  "Eat your meals whenever possible, even if you prepare lunch in the kitchen and take your plates to a blanket in the backyard.  Eating outside is enjoyable and good for your child."  Charlotte Mason
Lessons and playtime is as enjoyable as meals.  Outdoors, outdoors, outdoors!

Goals and Aspirations-To have the faith as a little child! (for me, a minute by minute task)

Activities-School lessons, church, and work on Gregg's Eagle project is about it! Busy, busy, busy.

I really enjoyed-And still enjoying our picnics, play at the park, and our walks through the woods!

Projects/goals/ideas-One project in the making was our son's Eagle Scout project.  It is now complete and all papers turned in waiting for review.  Way to go Gregg!

What mother is reading-Uncle Wiggily's Story Book-Again!  It is so very much loved in our home! Personally, I am enjoying the book "Raising Your Daughter After God's Own Heart"

What mother is thinking/wondering about-Amazingly, nothing in particular to report.  I've been so busy these couple of months that I haven't had much time to ponder much of anything.  Just trying to make it through the moments while soaking life up with my family!

A favorite quote-"There's no other love like the love for a brother.  There's no other love like the love from a brother." Astrid Alauda  Mary loves being with Aaron no matter what he is doing.  If he is working out and lifting weights she is there, watching a movie, working on his bike, playing basketball, whatever, she loves being with him.

Living with gratitude-I am grateful for the much love I have for my children.  And the four spouses that go along with my four married children.  And so grateful for the eight kids here in my home and to be able to spend every second with them!  But I wouldn't be completely grateful without saying how thankful I am that one of my sweet girls is feeling better after having a severe reaction from taking antibiotics and ibuprofen that was prescribed by her doctor.  Could have been bad!  So, so thankful she is well.

Praying for-Oklahoma victims.  My heart and my prayers go out to you all.

Highlights of my month-Zumba competitions with 6 of my girls, long walks with daddy in the evenings, and especially Mother's Day.  My children all made me cards, sent cards in the mail, called on the phone or skyped, baked my favorite peanut butter cookies, and showed all kinds of love that goes beyond description!

Favorite "life with kids" moments-Playing basketball with the kids and having the boys pull the hoop down lower so the littler kids can make a shot.  Sure makes a kid happy to get a hoop!  I love seeing how Mary enjoys her "Little House" dresses and bonnets and loves acting out the Little House books and movies with her sisters.  Childhood imaginations are wonderful.  

Living with gratitude-I love the way Emma teaches Makenzie the piano.  Everyday, like clockwork the two of them sit down and have a lesson.  For this, I am grateful.  Grateful for their kindness to one another.

What mother is cooking-She's NOT! "When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.  When diet is correct, medicine is of no need." Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

Our academic journey-We are in week 20 of Sonlight.  Time sure is flying by.  The weather is wonderful so we basically have moved our lessons outside.  Nature study is being enjoyed by all and the entries into the family nature journal are growing daily!
Mary spies a small creature crawling on the camp chair.  

A small handmade grave for a bug that didn't seem to be alive anymore!

Kaydee pouring over poetry.

Organized chaos!

Because of so much time enjoying the outdoors I admit our timelines weren't being kept up.  Then on one day we sat down and put in over 20 dates and figures! All caught up now!
Our maps suffered the same tragedy as the timeline.  But we are all caught up now thanks to that all day rain shower we had!

John Hudson Tiner's books are absolutely wonderful when it comes to using living books for science. We have all science books from Master Books and believe me when I say that they are much used in our homeschool. Here Emma is working her way through The History of Medicine.


Cinnamon said...

A jumble of activity and fun. Two great combinations :-)

I, too, love the Little House stage in our little girls.

So are you eating raw? That bowl of greens and fruit looks yummy!


Julia said...

Home-schooling is/was one of my best experiences. I'm sad it has come to an end but still very much involved in my son's education. I love LH too and my 17 year old still loves watching the DVD's.

Blessings to you and your family,
(New Zealand)

Karen Andreola said...

"Soaking up family life" sounds like a good way to live in "the present" with gratitude.
The Little House pink calico dress and bonnet is darling - so is its model. It would indeed compliment some good play acting and make believe.
We liked the books by Tiner, too, in our homeschool.
Your blog rings of joy.
Karen A.

Nell said...

I like the history of medicine best, what a lovely household. I followed you here from another blog and very glad I did. You sound like an amazing mum. I pray God blesses you and your beautiful family.
NEll (from Australia)