02 July 2012

To them it's called play, to me, it's called work!

So my advice to ME, and to whoever else out there in blog world can use it; play while it's still play and hope that it never becomes work!!!!!! Maybe I should be writing this post for the kids! (Anyone under the age of 30) For the rest of us though, we have to work 5x as hard to do what children do easily through natural play! Truly, they are my teachers in so many ways. All I have to do is watch and listen and I learn so much about so many things. I love being a mom!

My girls love to join me in my yoga (non religious) practice. I can not help but be amazed when I watch their ease and agility to do something that brings puddles of sweat from me! They just look at me and grin. I know they love 'showing me up.' And they do a great job at it!

Ahhh, the energy of youth.

Me, in a tree? Upside down on a trampoline? Yeah right!


dggp said...

lol, amen!

Becca said...

I get exhausted just watching my kids! LOL! It's great that it's fun for them -- it's WORK for me!