02 July 2012

My small efforts of schooling in summer

Normally I am more on the ball with continuing a small portion if our lessons during the summer but not so this year! We have been doing lots if reading, nature study, and learning reading! I do have the goal to see Mary through her Alpha Phonics and McGuffey Primer though! And once we jump well into lessons in a month or so she will be ready to jump in deeper with her sisters and I in what we call 'together lessons'. She is aching to be one of the 'bigger' kids!

Mary loves it when big brother Gregg is her teacher!

I love using Alpha Phonics as a go along with the McGuffey Primer. To the beginning reader some 'bigger' words in easy to read parts enabling them pull together the pieces a bit easier.

I am using the book What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know this year. I've used these books often in the past because of the strong platform they offer in many areas of study. In this lesson Mary is learning what a fable is and how we can apply the fable in our own lives. We will read and discuss the book Aesop's Fables over the next few week before moving on to the next section of the book.


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Great job, Mom! AND big brother for helping out with the lessons!

Jonathan said...

Thought that you and your kids might really like this site...

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