04 October 2011

How we use Halliburton's Book of Marvels

If you love Geography as my twins do you would love these two books. Recommended by Charlotte Mason and used with the Ambleside curriculum. We basically use them in the same way as anything else. By making entries in our commonplace books. Below are some pages from my twins' copybooks. We use the same format of adding entries as we do with anything else we learn. Here is the link for another post I made that explains commonplace books more thoroughly and how we use them.


Emily Fay said...

Wonderful! I always love seeing how other's homeschool. Thank you for sharing! Have a blessed day!

Diane said...

I am always so encouraged with the way you have chosen to homeschool your children. I too use alot of living books for history, science, and geography.

mommyx12 said...

Thanks Diane. I love the idea of how our Founding Fathers were educated. They used REAL, LIVING, books and kept learning journals of what they've learned. I have been amazed at how children, and myself can retain knowledge when what is learned is written down.

Pam... said...

We also use these books. Just finished the first as we went through it very slowly. Chewing! On Friday we open the Orient! Great sources.

dggp said...

Cool ideas.

Cinnamon said...

These look interesting. I will have to check them out more. You always have great books!