29 September 2011

Wrapping up September

It is hard to believe that yet another month has come and gone. And with it, green grass and leaves, warm weather, and special thoughts and moments I've been blessed to capture with not only my ears and eyes, but my camera as well.

An empty wood trailer is a nice surprise for daddy when he gets home from work.

Serving up the last bowl of Swedish Rice Porridge; until another is made; tomorrow! (a favorite in this house)

Jumping from the tree into a pile of leaves!

Patiently waiting for curls to appear.

Twins smiling on a summer night of "lightening bug" catching.

Celebrating another anniversary and another birthday!

Creative rosettes in the making on a rainy evening!

Little sister getting hugs from big sister.

Catching a nearly napping child!

Saying good bye to the last of the "lightening bugs" being caught in little hands!

Big sister says, "Gregg needs a hair cut!"

Catching two smiles on a warm Sunday afternoon!

An invention from a boy determined to savor each and every drop of chocolate flowing from the can. (We buy it in the big can because in the long run we save $$. Dispensing it into saved glass jars is how we store it once we open it!)


Ruby said...

Another lot of gorgeous photos of you equally gorgeous family!
I love the tin tipped up in the last pic. We do that with things, too. eg sauce bottles etc.
Friday already here. Have a great weekend Tricia!

Jennifer said...


Pam... said...

How sweet. Just all of it. I really like your husband's shirt! Take care my sister in Christ!

ccc said...

Your pictures are great and your daughters are beautiful! I love the ingenuity of the boy who got the last drops out of the can.
I cannot believe October is here this weekend!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful family! Lots of smiles ~ Lots of Love :)

OurLilFullFam said...

These are geat pics! I love your daughters haircuts, they are very cute - and I love how they cut hair. Such a moneysaver!

You and your husband are sow sweet together!


Kim said...

What a wonderful month filled with memories!

Anonymous said...

I always LOVE when you share pictures of your family. It's a pleasure to see a family working and playing together.

Oh, but I had to smile at your husband's t-shirt, LOL! :) Well, he's your "big kid" and that's okay. :)

Tianna said...

Such a fun September! Love it!

dggp said...

Beautiful month. Hope all your months are blessed.

Cinnamon said...

Love the shirt!! My husband would *love* that shirt.

YOU, my friend, look fabulous!!

Your girls are all smiles, sooo pretty~

I think it's funny how you have the chocolate syrup being supported by Kombucha bottles :-)

I'm making my own Kombucha *mother*. I just found out how to do it. Quite easy!

Looks like a great month~