22 September 2011

How we use Cornerstones of Freedom books along with commonplace books

We notebook nearly everything we learn about in our homeschool. Or, one could the notebooks commonplace books, learning journal, or, simply notebooking! Here is the idea of a commonplace book. "Historically commonplacing has played an important role in education, and it has served a vital tool in erudition." An early practitioner learning of reflective learning was Thomas Jefferson. He would synopsize and capture the key points of his reading and add his own reflections, recording them in a journal which he called his 'commonplace book.' One of his biographers quoted Jefferson as saying, "I was in the habit of abridging and commonplacing what I read meriting it, and of sometimes mixing my own reflections on the subject."

How these books are being used by our daughter. She reads them through; keeping sticky notes handy and jots down ideas, thoughts, questions, and such that she wants to research through other means. Such as the internet, library books, movies, etc. Then when the books are finished the sticky notes are compiled and the search begins. Or in her words, the fun begins!

One of my favorite resources to use for 'commonplacing' is this little copybook from Memoria Press. When our homeschooling allowance enables me I like to buy them in bulk. These books when completed are all saved and cherished. I also use, depending on what is being studied simple 3 ring notebooks using plastic sheet protectors.
What to add to your book....
Basically, besides adding their own thoughts about what they've learned about they draw pictures, print coloring pages to glue in, type up information about their book through researching the subject online. If they've watched a video on their topic they will journal about that as well. In this particular case, one daughter is journaling her way through the books shown above.


The Munck Family said...

Thank you for new fresh ideas to incorporate into our reading /history! I'm so excited to get my kiddos started, all of my children love reading. They also to share what they have learned ...this will help them with that and to dig a little deeper ;-)

Thanks again!

Jennifer said...

I love the simplicity of this. And what keepsakes they will be someday! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

dggp said...

Great ideas.

Ruby said...

Yes, great. I feel a little dejected :-( With my boys finding reading and writing so difficult these interesting projects are very difficult for them.

Sherry said...

It's always such a blessing when you share your "innovations"--I really enjoy the way you homeschool.

Your blog is gorgeous!


Becca said...

Very cool! Reminds me a little of Carolyn's Book of Centuries! I really enjoyed looking at their artwork!

OurLilFullFam said...

That looks so very neat! What a great idea!


Diane said...

We also use alot of notebooking with our Science and History studies. We plan on doing even more for high school.