20 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday~my sleeping babies!


Jennifer said...

This is a sweet photo.

becca jacobsen said...

How very precious! What a priceless picture. Babies are so good for our big boys to be around, right? : )

The Mayo Family said...

I just errased my first comment?
It looks like pure bliss! :)
Are you going to get to see Cinnamon? Would be sweet! :)

mommyx12 said...

I so wanted to visit her but I only had 2 days for travel. I need to pick up my daughter at the airport in Green Bay and have to get back home. It was pretty much a last minute decision to come literally!!! Didn't leave my home until Tuesday at dinner time to get to my sister's house late that night. I should have planned better. But it sure is hot down here compared to home!!!

LaSandra said...

How Sweet!

Juli said...

love this one!

dggp said...

Ah, precious.