22 July 2011

Aunts, like Grandma's are awesome!

It's like Christmas all over again when the girls' Aunt brings out her several boxes of jewelry to display for the girls. What shrieks of delight came from them when she insisted they each choose something to keep for their very own. They were very careful to choose well and I have to say I loved their strategy. Instead of choosing something on a more individual basis they co-conspired with one another and chose something that they all would love. In this way, they ended up 5 favorites instead of only one!! They've already scheduled which day each will wear their jewels!!

And the fun doesn't stop there either. Swimming in her pool was the highlight of their fun. Except of course when they were all finished with swimming we discovered that more than 5 applications of SPF 75+Sunscreen lotion in 2 hours of swimming would NOT enough. While this little daughter was the worst burned the other 4 aren't too much different. We are keeping a large jar of Aloe Vera jel in the fridge and using it frequently.


Jennifer said...

Too bad your fun was interrupted by a sunburn. What a great idea to have the gel in the fridge.

dggp said...

Poor girl. Despite that it sounds like tons of fun for your family. I have an aunt like that but she is now with the Lord.

Becca said...

As an experienced Floridian, can I just say that you shouldn't have even had to reapply that sunscreen ONCE in only 2 hours -- the sunscreen must have been old or bad! So sorry for the sunburn -- they're no fun! BUT, it looks like everything was so much fun!