09 March 2011

Wonderful Wednesday~A seek and find photo

Four girls are very much front and center, but there is a fifth one hiding herself well. Look closely and you shall see!! (hint-right behind and to the left a bit of the pink dressed girl. She is wearing a green, flowered dress that blends perfectly)


Ruby said...

Great camophlage!!

Jennifer said...

Fun photo. I barely see the one on the left. Am I right?

momoflots said...

I see her - had to look a bit but I did find her!! Your pcture makes me crave warmer weather to get into the garden!!! Can't wait to plant my veggies!!!!


Simple Home said...

I never would have seen her if you hadn't shared the hint! What a great photo :-)

Kim said...

Cool picture!! What fun!

The Munck Family said...

Cute picture ...great camo! Silly girls, are so much fun!

dggp said...

This picture has me dreaming of summer.