10 March 2011

My kids crack me up

I am trying hard to remember the funny things my kids say and write them down. But I have to admit I'm not very good at it. Better late than never I say.

I joined Jillian Michaels online workout program about a month ago. As a result we have been watching the Biggest Loser online. (you can buy whole seasons at amazon and download them for those who don't have tv like us) I own several of her dvds too so the kids have really got to see how she works.

My husband was running on the tread mill this morning and I heard one of my little girls yell, "Keep running daddy cause you're not getting off unless you puke, faint, or die. So STAY on it!"

I asked Makenzie to watch the timer for me while I was doing some mountain climbers. I was starting to lose it when she hollered, "Don't you dare quit mom or I'm showing you the door."
I did my 20 military presses and when I finished Makenzie screamed at me that if I do 5 more and she'll clean the kitchen for me. Hey, I'll do 5 more for that. Who needs a trainer when you have kids like this!!!?

More funnies from my week
Mary asked her daddy. "Daddy, who's kid am I, yours or moms?" He told her it depends on how she is acting at the time!

I was told by my little daughter the other day while she was hugging me, "Mom, you are just so beautiful, I can't stop looking at you. I just want to sit here and look at you all day. Ever since Kim did your hair you are just so beautiful." Sounds like I should spend more time in the salon!

They're absolutely loving this whole thing. Getting to yell at mom and dad is bringing them lots of joy!


Jaclyn Hicks said...

Oh that made for some good belly-laughs! Thank you for making my day!

Have a blessed day.

Jennifer said...

Good ones. I too love my kids' funny talk. I need to write it down too. Thanks for the smiles.

*Trini* said...

Love it! Did Makenzie actually clean the kitchen?

Heather said...

Bahaha! I love it! What funny sisters I have. (Makenzie is a hoot)

Heather said...

Bahaha! I love it! What funny sisters I have. (Makenzie is a hoot)

mommyx12 said...

Yep, she's actually doing it right now. And it was not in very good shape because it was breakfast and lunch!! Go Makenzie!!

momoflots said...

Hahahahahahaha!!! Very funny!!! But this is a reminder why we don't do TV in our house either - just movies and downloaded shows like you!! They are sponges aren't they?!!!


Teena said...

so funny. I love what our kids say. Our Wes keeps us laughing! Can't think of anything at this moment but he is hilarious.

love reading yours...


Becca said...

OMGoodness -- how cute!!!!

dggp said...

Love it.