24 May 2010

Monday Madness-Road Trip

The word madness hardly explains my thoughts today!! We are preparing to leave for our annual trip to Colorado to have dental work done. Yes, dental work!! My hubby has 3 brothers who are a dentist and every year they are so gracious in housing us, feeding us, and doing all of our dental needs. And when you have as many teeth as we do it pays to drive over 12oo miles to the dentist. We are so very thankful for our wonderful extended family for their generosity to our family each and every year. This year though, we have decided to 'rough' it a bit go camping instead. My brother in law David and his wife Ashley are who we normally bunk with but she is expecting baby #6 and I just don't feel good about "barging in" on her space even though she and everyone else have offered time and again. Wish me luck!!

Bread dough has been baked

Car seats washed and ready and so are the coolers. And especially the one Mary was using for the kittens. That's why the coolers were out in the first place!

essentials packed~well, almost, and yes, around here a road trip means junk food!


The Mayo Family said...

Wait till we get packed! :)
I have a lil' girlie with a tooth issue and we are looking for a "good" dentist here...we have several needs in that dept...so we will come with! Smile!
Hum...our air is out on the van (I learned today, for sure) so?
We are to go camping this weekend so we have the tents ready & have done a trial run to put them up!
Poor Mary...maybe this will help get her mind off things being busy going away!
Have a blessed time, safe travels and hope all goes well in the dentist chair!
We shall pray for you all,

ChristinaB said...

I hope you all have a SAFE and FUN trip =0)

Cinnamon said...

Nothing wrong with junk food :-)

Can't wait to see you all~ Cinnamon

Ruby said...

Have a very safe trip and heaps of fun. You are quite brave to rough it but I think that is the stuff of memories! What a marvellous providence to have dentists in the family. Now that would come in handy.

busymomof10 said...

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful time! I look forward to hearing about your adventures when you get back! And knowing your family the little that I do, I KNOW there will be Adventures!!!! :)

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Have so much fun!!!


Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

That is so wonderful that you are provided dental work for the family. Have a fun trip!