26 May 2010

Comparing Road Trips to Labor and Delivery?

This is what I have decided. That road trips are comparable to labor and delivery!! Like labor, you forget shortly after it's over the intensity of the pain. Then you do it again and are quickly reminded. And the same with road trips. You forget the pain they cause you until you do it again. Then in a flash it all comes back once you hit the road.

Pain is a sign that weakness is leaving the body!!


Cinnamon said...

Yes I agree :-) Each road trip I try to "improve". Re-arrange seating, different healthier or non-healthy goodies, less books, more games or more books and less games. Too funny~


The Valentine's said...

LOL - this is when you need an RV that is filled with everything you need and you can take your little house on the road with you :)

Seriously though, I totally understand what you're saying, I hate having to pack and I only have 4 kids!

Enjoy, Ali

Stephanie4Him said...

We are traveling on a VERY long road trip at the end of the month, I pray I can keep my sense of humor through it all, enough to enjoy the sightseeing once we arrive! ha!!

Jeannetta said...

Oh so true!

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

I remember all the long road trips going back and forth from Idaho to California, 17 hours one way and a van load of kids. We used to drive all night so they could sleep and so we didn't hear, "When are we going to get there?"