02 April 2010

Our Island Story~That Blasted Pontoon

Sometimes that boat of ours had the temperament of a pregnant woman. And that was what I was~pregnant. I took off one day by myself to do some shopping. It was in November I think if my memory serves me correctly. But definitely before cell phones!! It was getting a bit dark and dad was still at work and the kids were home with Juli in charge. The boat had been having some problems over the summer which prompted dad to put the anchor in the boat. We hadn't had it in the whole time we lived there but for some reason he put it on there. I was about half way over the river when the boat died. I did what I knew to try to start it but to no avail. It didn't help that we had to drive UP river to go home instead of down river. Well here I was preggo, on a boat floating south and nothing I could do. I was NOT going to jump in and swim either! I breathed out a prayer and stood there wondering what to do. Then I spied the trusty anchor in the corner and an idea came to mind. I picked up, (it was heavy) and through it in the water towards the bank our home was on. I grabbed the rope the anchor was on and pulled towards it. When I got some distance I pulled up and did it again, and again, until finally I had pulled myself by the weight of the anchor to the bank. I was quite a bit downstream from home but hey, I could walk on dry land now. It wasn't repaired until the following spring.


Brittney said...

You are definitely a strong woman...in many ways! :o)

dggp said...

What a bummer. I can't imagine the llife.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia,
When I was pregnant, I would have burst into tears - I definitely wouldn't have had the inclination or the energy to have pulled myself to shore with the anchor.

I would have probably just let down the anchor and waited for some good Samaritan to stop and help!

Have a blessed Easter,
Love Jillian ♥

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it home. What a way to get there!


mommyx12 said...

That's a great idea Jillian. I never thought of that. But if I recall, the colder months such as November didn't bring a lot of boat traffic.

Becca said...

I would have gone into pre-term labor -- no doubt about it! You amaze me!