02 April 2010

Mary Tells Gregg How It Is

In the van the other day Gregg was sitting by Mary and as boys like to do sometimes to their little sisters he began to tease her lovingly. (If you can tease that way!) She was being silly and poking fun at him too but she is very short tempered by nature and doesn't joke well and she began to have enough and bursted out, "I don't like you Gregg." So of course, Gregg has to make a comeback (in a teasing manner) "I don't like you either Mary." Well, what's good for the goose is NOT good for the gander because she did not like that!! She set him straight in a hurry. (In a most pleasant voice too)

"Gregg, but you're sposed to like me, you're sposed to like all of us. Don't you see? That's why Heavenly Father sent you to us, so you could like us!!"


Ruby said...

Never heard my boys tease or rile anyone up (winks)

dggp said...

That's sweet. Mary sure is cute. And I know full well how those boys can tease little sisters. My boys do it often. And I had 4 older brothers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia,
LOL, and to Ruby's comment, our children don't tease either...much! ;)

Jillian ♥

Anonymous said...

This is too funny. I should say Mary set him straight! My boys are 11 and 9 and love to lovingly tease their little sister who is 5. She's quite the trooper though and I think she likes a good laugh.