02 April 2010

Are You Bonkers For "Green?"

If you are then hop on over to the The Pioneer Woman's blog and check out the green photos she has been posting. She has some that are 'out of the world' and will knock your socks off! I submitted these 2 pics for her green post! It's the best I could do with my limited photography skills. They don't even come close to the awesome ones that have been shared on her blog!


Ruby said...

Wow! Some of those are spectacular! There is one of a crop which is just beautiful.
Love your green efforts!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

I think they are awesome


Ritsumei said...

I really like that second one!

dggp said...

I like both of these. It's way more than I know how to do. Where was that first photo taken? It looks like a picture from your island stories.


Anonymous said...

They both are really neat. I'd have to say tho that I really like the one of the girls.