01 January 2010

Happy Birthday to our Freckled Nose Aubryn

Happy Birthday to our very first granddaughter. Aubryn turns 5 years old today. She has become quite the little joy to her grandma and grandpa. We only get to see her about once or twice a year which is very hard for us but we do get to do ichat with her almost weekly. It's so precious to see her as she loves to show us her pretty little dress, a picture she drew, a craft that she has made, or a new toy that she has just gotten. I love being part of her life even if it is only through the computer for now. She reminds me so much of her mama (juli). I am amazed at how much she is taking on her look more and more as she gets older. A strange thing grandkids are. It's almost like deja vu!! But whatever words there are to explain "seeing" your own children over again I can pretty much guarantee you that it's one of the best experiences I've ever had and very much looking forward to being "added upon" with more grand babies in the future!! Love you so much Bryn.
A fun little story accompanies this little one. As most of you know Aubryn's mama is our eldest daughter. Her daddy Kelly is the eldest of 16, which brings me to my story. Shortly after Juli and Kelly found out they were expecting her, there were 2 other little girls waiting in quiet to announce their arrival. One was Kelly's own mother Chris, expecting baby 16, and a few months later Juli's mother (me) found out she was expecting another baby as well. By the time Aubryn was born she had 2 grandmothers who were both expecting sweet little girls of their own. If only these 7 little girls (our 5 youngest, Kelly's little sister, and Aubryn) could live closer together. I'm certain they would have tons of fun with each other and grow to love one another in so many ways.


Ruby said...

Birthdays roll around thick and fast at your place, Tricia! Your grand daughter is gorgeous. It must be so hard to see them, in the flesh, so seldom. All of them.
I love the story of the aunties born after the niece! We have a few families like that! Just splendid!
A very happy new year to you all!

Karen said...

The photography on your site is just beautiful! What a lovely family.

Cinnamon said...

What an awesome legacy being left to your family~


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

She is pretty and she does look like her mom! I bet that is amazing to see your daughter in her. Wow what a funny story that both granmas were expecting!! How neat!!! Wow large families!! I can not wait to have one of my own someday!!!


Mrs Adept said...

Oh I love that both the grandmothers were expecting too. That would be totally awesome.

L.H. said...

Oh wow! What a story! She is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what people are saying about both grandmothers expecting - amazing!

Susan said...

Happy New Year, Tricia!
Beautiful pics of your granddaughter! Spectacular photography!