29 December 2009

Happy Birthday Robyn

Robyn turns 21 today. Where has the time gone. She is our 4th child and I so remember the very day she was born. It was a very cold, stormy, snowy Thursday and she was born in our very warm and cozy bedroom into the "gentile hands of a nurse midwife." I remember that saying well as we were given a tiny tshirt for her that said those words. I believe I still have the shirt tucked away somewhere. Robyn loves reading, (all things academic) thrives on challenges, is very organized, thoughtful and loving. She has a passion for dancing, (especially irish, lyrical, and jazz), playing the piano, (she plays the piano for our church) singing and the flute. Right now Robyn is attending college to become a Child Life Specialist and I know she will do very well at it. She is 1500 miles away right now in Colorado with her dad and sister Christie but that didn't stop our other children from having cake and ice cream anyway. We are so bad!! We love you tons Robyn and wish you the greatest Birthday ever.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Happy birthday to Robyn and that is so sweet that you had cake and icecream on her day!!!


Anonymous said...

HaPpY 21St BiRtHdAy, RoBiN!

What precious memories you have. Robin sounds very much like my daughter. :)


Cinnamon said...

How fun!! Cake and ice cream with our without and occasion is great :-)

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter~


Ruby said...

What beautiful photos of your beautiful girl.
Happy Birthday to Robyn. We had coke and pizza and other goodies today, too. We also are bad! It is my birthday! (Wednesday 30th here)

Jeannetta said...

Happy Birthday Robyn!
What a great idea to have cake and ice cream even when the birthday child is absent! We may have to adopt that idea :)

L.H. said...

Those are beautiful pictures of her. I love how everyone had cake and ice cream anyway! LOL! The party must go on, right! LOL!

What does a Child Life Specialist do?

mommyx12 said...

Robyn is so much better at explaining than I do but i think I get the gist of it. She will work in hospitals with sick children prepping them "emotionally" during and before surgeries. Reading to them, playing games, talking, whatever can be done to ease the fears of the child.

busymomof10 said...

Robyn is beautiful! I enjoyed reading about her! How nice of your other children to eat birthday cake and ice cream in her honor! YOu have obviously raised them to be very self-sacrificing! ;)

I have awarded you a blog award. Please drop by my blog and pick it up! :)