06 January 2010

Happy Birthday Gemma, Emma, and Kaydee

Today I am honored to celebrate the birth of 3 precious girls. Our twins Emma and Kaydee were born on January 6th, and 11 years later our son's first baby was also born on January 6th. Which to my twins was a most wonderful birthday present.

Gemma Lorel Smith turns 1 today. Unfortunately we've not had the blessing of getting to spend a whole lot of time with her in her first year of life but the times I have been with her, (about 2 weeks is all, that's so sad) I've decided she is nothing short of a complete little angel. We will get to see her in April or May of this year and totally looking forward to it. As you can see by her lovely, happy, sweet face I bet I'm right about the angel part!! Love you tons Gemma.

Emma and Kaydee were such a wonderful surprise. I was nearly 6 months along before finding out we were having twins. Making babies 8 and 9. It took me 6 months to decide to get into see my midwife so there was absolutely no reason to think I had 2 babies until the day I had my appointment. After taking one look at me she said lets go do an ultrasound and see how far along you are. Nope, I wasn't 9 months along like I thought because of my size, only really, really big. What a happy day. And for 12 years it's still a secret to everyone which twin was born first. (I think everyone, at least the twins themselves don't know, not sure which of the older children know) So one of these girls are 1 hour and 40 minutes older than the other. Happy birthday little ladies, we all love you tons and tons.


Ruby said...

Ah! Precious, precious.
these beautiful girls don't even look as though they eat cake, coke etc. The ought to be unhealthy but no, they are just glowing!!!
You are blessed.
Any reason you haven't told them who was born first?
A happy day to you all.

Juli said...

Very cute photos mom. Tell Emma and Kaydee Happy Birthday. Same to you Gemma.

L.H. said...

They are all adorable!

Can't believe you went that long without knowing you were having twins! What a surprise!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! :)

Happy birthday, Emma, Kaydee and Gemma. :)


L.H. said...

Tricia, I left a "Best Blog Award" for you on my blog b/c you're one of my favorite bloggers;)

You can check out my blog for the details!

Susan said...

Sooo wonderful -- always a sweet birthday to celebrate in your family :0)

Ritsumei said...

Happy Birthday, girls! I'm also very curious about why you chose not to tell them which is the older.

mommyx12 said...

Kids like to pull rank we have found so this way we don't ever have any problems!!!