12 January 2010

A Summary of our 2010

Our 2010 so far has had it's ups and downs. A short summary of life so far in the Smith house. Sorry to say mostly downs, that turned into ups if you have the right attitude. Vance was out of town from Dec. 27th to Jan. 4th. During the time he was away we did okay with only a couple mishaps. Mary burned her upper arm on the woodstove, then the next day Makenzie was swinging her and accidently dropped her on her face on the wood floor. The goose egg is gone now and the burn is doing very well with daddy putting daily doses of vitamin E on it.

Next it was Vance's flight home from Denver to Milwaukee that was a scare. The plane obviously had some trouble after take off and landing. Apparently there was a problem with the breaks back in Colorado and the pilot apologized for t he rough landing. So fortunately for the next batch of travelers on that particular plane they were spared as it was grounded in Milwaukee for much needed repair. We got him home in good shape and then the next day he cut his finger down through the tendon and will possibly be off work until April. That's where the ups and downs are. The down is that he will be out of work but the up being that the kids and I will get to enjoy his company everyday for a while.

We had tons of fun with birthdays the last few weeks. From December 15th to January 6th we had celebrated a total of 7 birthdays. How do we manage with all that cake and ice cream? Speaking of food. I found the best deal tonight at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They had the Pancake Puff Kit on clearance for 10.00 bucks. My kids were so excited. They've only had them once at their Aunt Ashley's house and they loved them. I never had bought one because they were so pricey. Until tonight that is. Guess I know what's on the breakfast menu for tomorrow. Here is a picture of everything I got for 10.00!!


Cinnamon said...

I think Vance would agree that he'd take a cut hand over a plane crash anyday :-) How scary!!

It is fun to have Daddy's home for a bit isn't it. Enjoy~


Ruby said...

Ups and downs pretty much sums it all up. Hope your hubby's finger isn't too painful. Enjoy the down time and make it up time!

Anonymous said...

Life is all a matter of right attitude, isn't it? Some people will say that the glass is half empty - others will say that it is half-full. It all depends on the ♥ attitude. :)

Have a great week,

Jeannetta said...

I'm so sorry for your troubles,I hope things get to looking up soon.
HOW did he cut his finger so badly?

Karen said...

That's a lot of ups and downs for just 3 weeks of 2010. Good luck with February!

busymomof10 said...

Wow! Your 2010 is sure off to a turbulent beginning! I hope things calm down at your house and that your husband and daughter heal quickly! As I've often said, life is never boring with a large family!!! There is always something going on!

mommyx12 said...

He cut it on a broken piece of glass.

Dawn said...

Wow! You have a beautiful family.
Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm new to the whole blogging thing and still don't quite know what I'm doing. I'm hoping to figure it out before our move.