17 November 2009

Sooooo Humiliating

Man I did it AGAIN.  Here's the story~~~

Once in a while hubby will call from work using his desk phone instead of his cell phone.  I always recognize it is him because of the 721 prefix.   Earlier this morning I had called the Ford dealer to have him help us locate a "monster" van.  But of course I forgot I called him so when the phone rang with a 721 prefix I knew it was obviously my hubby because who else would it be?

Me, answering the phone~~~HEEEELLLLOOOO  BABY  LOVE!!

Guy on the other end of the phone~~~UHHHH, hu, hu, hullo!!

Me again~~~OH, hello!!  Uhhhhh, hi, ummmmm

Other guy~~~wow, what a way to start out the day!!!  that was sure nice of you!!

Me again~~~well, what can I say, I'm just a nice lady.  So um, who are you? [pause]  Oh, yes, the Ford dealer guy, I thought you were someone else.  Sorry about that.

Guy~~~Oh, no, don't apologize, it's not everyday someone answers my phone calls with such an upbeat attitude.

When will I learn????  I've done this twice now.  At least the last time I did it I knew the guy which isn't always a good thing because since I go to church with him I never hear the end of it. If any of you out there have experienced this kind of humiliation I would love to hear about it!!


Cinnamon said...

Soooo funny~ Thanks for the laugh!


Tianna said...

This is so hilarious! =D Sorry to laugh at your humiliation, but I couldn't help myself. You probably made that guy's day. I know I've had embarrassing moments...but they aren't surfacing to the top of my mind right now. I think it's time for bed.

Ruby said...


Yes I've done it when I have expected hubby to call right back. Hey, it sounds like you cheered up someone's day! and ours!

Jennifer Perkins said...

oh, this is so funny. :o) just go with the flow, and make some smarty remark like, "oh, I am just showing the world today how much I LOVE my husband! he is sooooo wonderful! ~And then they will all be jealous of your good fortune. :o)

Moxie your way through and have fun with it.

love, Jen

Vicki said...

Um.. Yes.. Except it went like this.. My cellphone has the husband as Honey. So when I answer it it has a big ole honey on the deal where the numbers are.. ON a womens retreat all the ladies were given to shouting... "HONEY" in a sing songy kind of way so that the whole conference could here.. AND he's their pastor.. Good times.

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

How funny! I've done worse, though!!

Anonymous said...

Yes. My husband's identical twin brother got a very friendly hug from me. I thought my husband had come home from work but it was his twin. This was when we were first married. It won't ever happen again.

mommyx12 said...

Oh my that would be bad. I bet it never happened twice. Too funny.