18 November 2009

E-Z Meal Ideas

I hope you didn't pop over here to my blog in the hope of joining my EZ meal club, because if you did then you will be greatly disappointed in me because I have NO imagination in that department. My family loves meals such as this but they come few and far between because I get a brain freeze every time the dinner hour arrives. So if YOU have any great EZ meals in your head feel free to send some my way.

This meal consisted of~~
natural cheddar cheese spread
black olives
beef sticks
organic cheddar cheese sticks
Ritz Crackers
Cranberry Kombucha
Kefir Lemonade


chad and jessica said...

easy, but yummy. I love easy and need it!!! :)


Cinnamon said...

Oh that had to be an ~all~ girl meal :-) we love meals like that~


Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

It's got to be easy at my house!