19 November 2009

World's Greatest Library

We have a very cool library here in our BIG town of 700 people!! Seriously though, they have tons of huge and small puzzles, stuffed animals, dolls, puppets, games, educational kits, felt kits, Laurie puzzles and accessories, computer games, and so much more. The building itself can't be any bigger than a 2 car garage but they certainly know how to organize. And of course we can't forget the internet library loan. It may be small but we lack for nothing. Plus, ALL the ladies who work there are great. They know everyone by name and if ever you forget your library card, (which I always do) no problem, because they "know where you live!" We have often had library fines waived, just because!! And let me tell you we can work up some big ones with as many people that we have in our family.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

That is funny about the fines......my mil(shebearof11) knows about that all too well. Cute pics. HOpe you are well.


Cinnamon said...

How funny~ I bet when you walk in the library it's crowded :-) hee hee