08 May 2009

Happy Birthday Beckham

Here is our family's latest birthday star.   Our first grandson Beckham Kelly Mckendrick is a big 2 year old now.  Here are a few pics from his backyard birthday party.  The cake was a little frightening for him.  I think he was waiting for it to blow up.  Love you so much Beck.


Susan said...

Awwww, Happy Birthday to Beckham!

Your photos look GREAT against the black background!

momoflots said...

My daughter did Scottish Highland Dance for several years - until her teachers moved their dance lessons too far from home. She was very excited to see your daughter's dance. Ruthie does Irish dance now which is similar (I think Scottish is prettier but she loves Irish!!) Does your daughter compete? Ruthie is starting to compete - she has a recital coming up next month. Also, Happy Birthday to Beckham. Happy Mother's Day to you!! I hope you have a lovely day!