12 May 2009

I May Be A Fish Out of Water

but I still know my way around on the ground!! For the first time in 22 years I don't have a beginning reader. Oh sure, a couple of little ones still have to read aloud to me but we are down to only about once or twice a week. I am finding just how simple homeschooling can become when you don't have to read all the directions in a workbook, or read their schedule to them. Even a simple recipe can be followed with a true "reader!" Some of the things I have found since I 'jumped' from the water are my kitchen, laundry room, shower, (kidding on the shower), and even the sewing machine is in use again. All because a child learned how to read!! Now I'm not saying I don't miss the snuggling, the correcting of letters, explaining of pronunciation, (actually, we're not beyond these things yet, thankfully) etc. but I am finding that even an hour or so saved during the day has brought about positive results. (Like more blogging!) I have about 1-2 years again before I have to break out the phonics books. I have to be honest, I have loved every moment of my homeschooling years but the 'phonics' portion of it has bored me to tears. But it's all part of what I call a "necessary nuisance"


Karies place said...

For me it was fairly easy. We let my youngest watch Leap Frog videos and then we'd read. She caught on that way really quickly. My 2nd dd learned to read straight from me and sight words around the house. My oldest did ps for 3 yrs, so we just fine tuned him. :)

Ritsumei said...

What a lot of difference a little time makes! Monkey & I are on the opposite end of things - playing letter games to get started on the reading. I'm so excited about it! But you've taught a lot of little ones to read already, so I imagine the excitement & discovery has long since worn off for you.

A Place To Dream said...

I have 3 children the oldest is 6. we tried 100 easy leesons and it was no good for us. Now I have the Sing, Spell, Read, and Write. I am so nervous to start it.... I look forward to my son knowing how to read, it will make the idea of homeschooling so much less scary! And I know it will help my husband be less nervous