07 May 2009

Egg Lovers Only

We are blessed with an abundance of fresh farm eggs at our house. Each week we get 4 dozen. I am excited to utilize them as much as I can in order to keep my grocery bill within reason. Please feel free to entertain me with your ideas of what you would do with 48 eggs every 7 days.


Cheryl said...

We get fresh eggs from our neighbor/landlord who's farm we live on. There is nothing like knowing you're eating a fresh egg - not one that's been sitting on a shelf forever!! Some people try to convince me(like my Mom) that there is a definite taste difference. I don't taste one if there is! I still want to fry up a store bought egg and one from the farm and serve them to my mother blindfolded and see if she can taste the diffeence! LOL!:o)
Anyway, I don't really have any recipes to share other than the usual - cheesy scrambled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, french toast, omlets, and all those other breakfast foods! I don't like quiches(spelling) but you can make lots of those! :o) We go through quite a few eggs a week with our family of 7 so I'm sure you'll have no problem using your eggs up!

Cinnamon said...

We get farm fresh eggs from a dear neighbor. They are only $1 a dozen. Is that great or what? Anyway, one week, not to long ago, we were given 6 dozen eggs from a lady at church. Well I had already picked up our normal 5 dozen from our dear neighbor. Here's what we did~

*We hardboiled 1 dozen eggs just to snack on twice that week (2 dozen eggs gone so far -)

*We made biscuits,eggs and gravy twice.
(another 2 dozen eggs gone :-)

*I baked cookies and cupcakes (5 eggs gone:-)

*We made egg salad sandwiches (another dozen gone :-)

*We made "angel eggs" (another dozen gone :-)

*French Toast, Pancakes, and eggs and potatoes all throughout the week.

*Potato Salad (I put in eggs and celery in ours)

*Eggs, with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes for dear husband.

~I love fresh eggs. They look better and taste better to me too :-)


Jeannetta said...

We're going to be running a close second I think, we have 13 new babies, and to older hens.
I need ideas too!! lol I'll be back to check :D

Luke said...

Many people say that switching to egg instead of shampoo is great.

We've been going the baking soda route since buying cage-free eggs is a little expensive for us.


Jessica said...

How neat. We have 3 hens and only get 2 eggs a day at most. We need more and you need less. :)

Jessica said...

How neat. We have 3 hens and get 2 eggs a day at most. You need less we need more :)

Nancy @ momjustlikeyou said...

Eat them! 9 people can down A LOT of eggs--I'm sure you know!

busymomof10 said...

Wish I were there to take some off your hands! We love fresh farm eggs, and are able to buy some occasionally.