07 January 2009

Birthdays and Babies Are the Best

Introducing the newest addition to our growing family. Gemma Lorel was born January 6, 2009 to our son Vance and his wife Heather. I am guessing that grandma and grandpa are every bit as happy and proud as the new parents. We love you already sweet heart.

Our twins just turned a whopping 11 years old on the same day their little niece was born. Happy Birthday girls. Love you so very much.

Aubryn is our very first grand child and she turned 4 on January 1st. Amazing how quickly they all grow. Is she precious or what?

Daughter in law Heather's birthday is January 3. She just gave birth to her first baby on the 6th. Congratulations Vance and Heather. We are so happy to have another little grand-daughter. (pictured above is Heather's baby)


Cinnamon said...

I just love new babies! Congratulations!!!

I love those Homeschool Girl shirts. Where did you get them?


Juli said...

Fun, fun!

Karies place said...


SuperAngel said...

beautiful family! that baby boy is tiny! I love babies! :)

thank you for coming by and for your encouraging comment!
Miss Amanda
The Daily Planet

Tricia said...

sorry all for not mentioning that the baby was a little girl!!

SuperAngel said...

OH MY WORD! For some reason Gemma translated into a boys name! AHHH! I am soo sorry! Brain malfunction or something! :P

She is a beauty!
Miss Amanda
The Daily Planet