16 January 2009

Dinner for two please~~or is it one?

 As time goes on this is truly beginning to manifest itself in my relationship with my dear husband.  In more ways than I can imagine.  An example: Tonight we were out to dinner at a buffet.  (if you are on a diet I suggest you don't go there)  Anyway, it's time for dessert so I thought I would sample a small piece of several different delicacies that looked tempting.  My husband did the same.  Sitting down at our table and checking out each other's plates I noticed he had a coconut cream pie.  Now the following conversation was real and serious so please don't make fun.


Me-Yum!  that pie looks good. Can I try a little bite.   But if I remember right one of us doesn't like coconut.  Do you like coconut?  I can't remember if it was me or you!!

Husband-looking at me like I just took leave of my senses said--I was just thinking the same thing,  that you didn't like it so why are you trying i?  I like coconut.  You're the one who isn't crazy for it.

Me-Oh, I knew one of us didn't, I just forgot who.

SCENE #2---So on my plate I had chosen some kind of chocolate ball that had been dipped in peanuts.  Now, I am NOT a huge fan of all chocolate but I like some.  Long story short....

Me-Hon, would you take a bite of this and see if I like it!!

Husband--(that look again)--Are you kidding me?  You want ME to take a bite of that to see if YOU like it? 

Me-Well, yea, I trust you.  You'll know.  Come on, just one.

So, I have concluded from our day together that A.  One or both of us is plain crazy and missing a few nuts and bolts or B.  We are actually are becoming ONE.  Does this sort of thing really happen over time?  I know that many times all it takes is a look across the room and we can read each other's thoughts but THIS?  Wow, this is heavy!!!  I just had to share.  We laughed our way all the way home tonight.  (Well, he did anyway)


Shari Lyle-Soffe said...

Delightful story, delightful family. Thank you so much for sharing.

Tianna said...

Thanks for this post! I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I'm sure one day that will be Zacch and I!

Luke said...

[laughing] Love it.