01 January 2009

High Centered Saturn

What happens when you mix a Saturn, a lot of snow and a dark night? (and a teen driver) Add to that the fact that daddy is 2000 miles away in another state. What's a mom to do to fix the situation? No, not duct tape. This is definitely a "snow beast" moment!!! I never knew anyone could get high-centered in the snow but you learn something new everyday. (The dates wrong on some of the pictures, someday I'll figure out how to work the camera!)

You know what they say--"If you can't Dodge it, Ram it" I can happily say we are all back on 'track' right now and doing well!


Juli said...

Wow, snow seems like such a foreign thing to me now.

Cinnamon said...

Oh my! Glad you had some help there. Isn't it always the case that something goes wrong when Papa is gone :-0 Gald you're okay.


Tianna said...

Goodness! I've done something similar. I didn't get stuck on a snow bank like that, but I ran into the side of one and it pushed my car into my sloped yard. Zacch taught me the "use your floor mat under your tire trick" to get my car out. It was quite the adventure!