16 January 2015

What's been happening....

 Here is a small, (I think) synopsis of what's been happening in our lives as of lately.  As always life is full, crazy busy, exciting, relaxing, and joyful.

The 6 girls are keeping me hopping and happy.  It has been great having big sister Kim around.  The 6 of them enjoy together working out, watching movies, shopping, eating, chatting, and sleep overs.  The younger girls LOVE the constant flow of surprises she always has for them like new clothes, jewelry, cologne, and all things girly.  My boys are out for a few months.  Aaron is on the tail end of a mission with only a few months left until he comes home.  And Gregg just last week flew out to Christie's house in Idaho to help tend her new little baby Jordan a couple hours a day until she finishes up her last semester of school.  It will be GREAT having both boys home soon!!!

Janai is our latest 12 year old and turning 12 is an exciting age.  She is officially a "young'' woman.  Here she is displaying her "purity ring" daddy gave her.  The inscription reads "True Love Waits" and of course along with her ring she was given a full explanation on the importance of being a pure, virtuous young lady.  (they grow too fast)  For school she is working hard on her Saxon math, latin, french, scripture & poems copy book, learning journal, drawings, artist and composer study, and lots and lots of reading wonderful books.  She is taking a ballet class at the Y and doing very well.  She is finishing up her 5th year of piano and is doing a great job.

The twins just had a birthday this month. Two 17 year olds living in the same house!  Yes, that's a good thing.  Academically they are coming along beautifully.  Both are doing Sonlight in addition to math, latin, and Apologia science.  They are staying extra busy lately taking a ballet class, zumba 3x a week, and piano.  I should mention here that they both are wonderful cooks as well.  Emma is top in making wonderful breads, and Kaydee is always dazzling us with special treats for dessert.  

They love each other
And who doesn't love the potato heads.  Even mom has fun dressing them up.

Our first snow of the season and Mary decided to practice some "snowga"

Let's not forget about our many birthdays from December to January.  Including, grandma Gilbert, Mary, Robyn, Aubryn, Heather, G'emma/twins on the same day and Ambreigh.  Nine birthday joys!!

Oh my silly girls.  Did I mention we found these awesome full on full bunks last year on Amazon?  Along with them we also have a matching twin set of bunk beds.  Amazon has the best!  If amazon doesn't have it then I don't need it!

Christmas Eve (much excitement)

Makenzie took a year off Sonlight to travel on a slightly different curriculum road.  She is keeping academically busy with, Famous Men of Rome, poetry, math, latin, french, and study of animals.  Her literature as of late has been Black Ships Before Troy, Pilgrims Progress, Foxe's Book of Martyrs, and The Wondering of Odyssus.

She can be so serious sometimes!

I found a fun book at the library called Will It Waffle.  Our first recipe we tried were cheesy chicken tortillas.  We spread each tortilla with coconut oil.  Place one tortilla on the iron and add ingredients, then place the second tortilla over it and close the lid for 2-3 minutes.  Perfect.

The girls got this fun tent for Christmas and love sleeping in it every night and during the day they can be found hiding out with their favorite books!

Here is a snippet from Mary's penmanship book.  I love copy books from Memoria Press and have been using them for years.  

This is what our table looks like once lunch time rolls around.  A few piles of stacked up books shoved aside to make room.  Seems math was the subject of the moment of most of them according to the photo.

For Mary's academics at this time she is doing A LOT of reading.  Added to that she is doing math, latin, copy work, keeping a learning journal, Charlotte Mason grammar, (as are all the girls) poetry, composer and artist study and drawing.  She LOVES taking baton classes at the Y each week along with swimming and racquetball with her sisters.