16 January 2015

A note about E-readers

E-readers are not new as we all know.  They are simple to use and relatively cheap.  But the rewards are incredible.  The opportunity to be able to store hundreds of books in a place that takes up the space of a book.  We currently own 3 nooks and trust me, they are used often.  I would like to share our favorite sites for ebooks.  I only have a few, but I'm sure there are many, many places in which one can find a great book in electronic form.

Yesterday's Classics is most likely my favorite.  THIS package of books is a great deal and the book titles are amazing.  And HERE is their main page with lots of free titles you can read online.
Good ole Project Gutenberg.  This site is massive.  And did I say free?
Of course Amazon.  My favorite.  
Others include Christian books Distributers and Barnes and Noble.  Okay, that's pretty much all I know.  If you have a favorite ebook site please contact me and share!!