19 May 2014

If you love yams!

Then you must try this ice cream/pudding dessert.  Whatever you call it it is delicious and so good for you.  When we were at the Whole Foods in Denver earlier this month a company out of Boulder was sharing samples of their new recipe.  Sweet potato ice cream.  Sorry, I didn't catch the name or brand of it but it was excellent so I was determined to try it when I got back to Wisconsin.  I don't remember the exact taste of the one in CO but nevertheless this was still delicious.

I took 3 organic yams and baked them as usual.  I put them in the fridge for a day or so to get plenty cooled.  I then peeled them, mashed them, and added the rest of the ingredients I thought up.
3 yams
1 cup maple syrup
1 1/2 to 2 cups chopped pecans (more or less)
2 T. organic vanilla
2 cups cream 

Mix well and eat this way or freeze.  We did both.  We ate some and the rest we froze.  It was a really good hit with my family!  You should try it.