17 January 2013

Wrapping up week 2 Sonlight

January begins a new school year for our family and I have decided to go back to Sonlight. I missed the reading and the children have admitted they too have missed the great books.  We are at the end of week two and so far our favorite has been finishing up Red Sails to Capri and going online to find a video of the Blue Grotto on the island of Capri.  What an awesome place and how exciting for us to learn all about it and enter information about it in our learning journals.

Gregg is busy with World History Core 300.   It has been nearly two weeks and he, as well as mom and dad are trying to find him his own space in which per his request, and I quote, "Absolutely quiet with no distractions at all."  Yea, good luck with that! But we are trying to figure something out for him and hopefully soon!

My twins are buddying up with their study of world history and are somewhat happy, (or REALLY happy) to be free for a time from younger sisters! But the best thing of all is that ALL of the children are studying world history on their own little level.  To bring it all together to work for our family we share tons of information with one another over dinner and have fun watching Netflix videos that go along with our Story of the World books on world history.

Mom is enjoying very much cozying up with my 3 youngest for reading story after story from their core. Little Mary is pretty much the caboose of everything and just follows along.  She looks forward to reading with mom each day as we go through the Sonlight book list for Young Explorers:Explore God's Big World! Core A.  Currently she is doing the basics: McGuffey Primer, Rays Arithmetic, scripture stories, lots of reading aloud and copy work using Memoria Press.  I find so much joy in being alongside my children each day watching them as they encounter one new discovery after another. I feel so very blessed!

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Luke Holzmann said...

So glad you're enjoying your Sonlight Cores. May this year continue to be full of time spent reading together and enjoying learning... and a bit of quiet for Gregg [smile].