22 January 2013

In which Mary out smarts daddy...

I am reading My Father's Dragon to Mary and I told her she should go ask her daddy if he had a dragon; and so she did.  "Of course, said he, all daddy's have a dragon."

Mary just had to see this dragon of daddy's so she asked him where it was.  "At work!  I will take a picture of it and show you when I come home."

Mary didn't forget about this dragon and as soon as he walked in the door she HAD to see his dragon right then and there.  Upon showing her the photo of his dragon she looked up at him and said, of course, what every child says these days.......


Ruby said...

Ha ha ha. Smart kid! Smart Daddy!

Cinnamon said...

Good answer from Daddy :-)

Love the picture!L

Did you try out the bread? We ended up making 12 loaves within three days. ALL gone. EATEN up. Every...single...one :-)