05 December 2012

Canned bananas

Why on earth would anyone want to can bananas?  They are always readily available anytime of year after all.

Well when I have a family that hates running out of them, uses them in smoothies, hot cereal, bread, and anything else they can think of I really don't like not having them around! But more than that, we found them for 20 cents a pound!  THAT alone is reason enough!  And they are so very easy to can. Today we did 17 pints and as long as the prices stay low I plan on doing more.  Not sure how much more, I'm thinking maybe 13 or so more pints to make an even 30!

It takes about 28-32 medium size bananas to make 7 or 8 pints. Mash them well in heavy pan, add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice or citric acid and heat to boiling stirring constantly. Once it reaches the boiling point I turned off the heat, added the bananas to hot pint jars, sealed the jars with hot lids and put into boiling water bath for 15 minutes!  I let the hard sit for 24 hours, then I take off ring cap, wash the jars and store away!  So easy!


Linda said...

I would never have thought of canning bananas... I love bananas. Next time I find a sale on them I think I will can some up!

Anonymous said...

Please check with your local extension service as to what the latest guidelines are as to whether bananas can be canned safely. From what I have read, they are too dense and not acidic enough to be done safely in a water bath. Freezing might be a better choice.

mommyx12 said...

Anonymous is absolutely correct! Research is vital when undertaking any kind of food preservation at home. It is key to turning out a safe product and I encourage everyone to do this and not just 'take' someone else's word 100 percent. This I did with the bananas and by ensuring that I added the citric acid or lemon juice I was able to bring up the acidity level. The same as one would do for tomatoes in order for them to be at a proper level as well.

Cinnamon said...

Canned what? That was my first thought! I stock up on sale bananas and we freeze them (peeled) and throw them in smoothies. Love this added idea.


Ruby said...

I also would never have dreamed of canning bananas! Great idea!