21 November 2012

Christie and Jeff enjoying a new app for their phone!

My newly married daughter and her awesome husband are gearing up for their first Christmas together.  From the sound and looks of this video I have a feeling it will be a wonderful time!

PS! Christie-grandma Gilbert is looking forward to watching this little video clip. I told her how cute it was and she was bumming she couldn't see it. Grandma doesn't know anything about computers but we do don't we!! I was more than happy to post it for her!  She will be watching at Aunt Alayne's on Thanksgiving Day!  


Ruby said...

Love it. I hope they do not mind you sharing with the world? I can pretend to be Grandma Gilbert :-)

mommyx12 said...

Haha. Nope, she doesn't mind at all. She's about as silly as her mama if that's possible!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh!!! I love it!! I miss everybody! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cinnamon said...

THAT was hilarious!! I will have to show my kids later when they return from Black Friday shopping. Too funny!!


Becca said...

THat was an app? Too funny! I want that app!