02 August 2012

Juli's Wedding revisited

I am revisiting this precious daughter's wedding because my Miss Emma added the wedding cd of photos to our computer. Upon looking at them again I was filled with joy and happiness as our family celebrated the first of what will be many weddings to come.


When I grow up I want to be as pretty as Juli!! (My little Mary told me this when we looking at them.)



The sweet new couple. Juli and Kelly Mckendrick. (well, new couple almost 9 years ago!) I would still call them newlyweds even now!


When Juli was married we had many little kids. Here is a look at us as we traveled to Denver to give our first born away.



Daddy hugging his little girl in our hotel room before giving her away!


Three of our 4 little girls smiling before the big day begins. Below Juli poses with her little brothers as our twins struggle over A bouquet of flowers!


Juli with her 7 little sisters. Our youngest daughter Mary doesn't like the idea of her sisters getting a photo without her in all their pretty dresses! She doesn't quite get the idea that she wasn't even born yet!


Our family isn't the only one with lots of girls. Here Juli is with her "new" sisters and her "old" ones! Husband Kelly has 15 siblings so Juli got lots of new sisters and brothers.


Juli, Kim, Robyn, and Christie. (The older girls)


A combination of both families.


For me, this was the next sweetest part of the whole deal. The day AFTER the wedding we caught up with Juli and Kelly and enjoyed a breakfast together before going our separate ways. It was kind of nice to be able to get a 2nd chance to say bye to my baby!


We enjoyed a long breakfast with the new couple since this mama just couldn't part! I wanted it to linger and linger.


Such a cute couple! Sharing a few moments from our breakfast meal.

I end this post with just one question.....
I actually know why! And as hard as it is to see them moving on, getting married and having children of their own I know that it is just the thing that brings the greatest happiness and joy we could ever hope to find in the whole entire world and they want it as much as we (I) do!


Ruby said...

Juli was a radiant bride! Beautiful memories for you all.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful bride. Even 8 years ago! She is still a beautiful bride!


Anonymous said...

This is such soothing balm to my heart as I KNOW in the near future years I will be walking in similar shoes and having to say some bittersweet goodbyes.

Thank you for sharing your heart!

Becca said...

Ahhh . . . fun to see pics of Juli's wedding! She was a beautiful bride - and I love her dress! So nice to see how the girls have grown up!!

Juli said...

aww, thanks for the post! actually, we are celebrating 9 years! time flies! p.s. it is nearly impossible to make out the letters below to post a comment.....