03 August 2012

Homemade Candles

I never realized making candles could be so easy! At least these candles were easy. Plain and simple as can be!

This is what the melting wax looks like. Using a double broiler OR if you don't have one like me you can stick one pan inside another pan that is larger.

I bought soy wax 444, wicks, and holders for the wicks. I ended up buying a whole string of the wicks rather than pre cut ones because it was so much cheaper and I will have more for the next time I make them. It can all be bought from most craft stores or from amazon.

For the jars I just used random ones I found around the house.

After the melting was complete I poured it into the jars and baby sat the wicks by keeping them straight until it had solidified enough to stand on their own. From what I understand from the directions each jar should burn for 6-8 hours. Not real pretty or fragrant but they'll work great the next time the power goes off in a storm. (Which happens a lot where we live)


Ruby said...

Lovely! I remember making candles in high school. Swirly coloured ones. Very 70s thing to do!

Julia said...

I love candle making...have done dipping ones twice now but never melt and pour (for some reason)

I have read that you can lay a skewer across the top of the jar to secure the wick to keep it upright. then just snip it off when the wax is cool/firmed up.

Anonymous said...

I've never made candles before. Your method looks easy enough, though I'm sure I'd still make a big mess if I did it, LOL!

BTW the wedding photo's below of Juli's wedding were a pleasure to view. :)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I'd love to know more about where to buy the soy wax. (no rush)