05 June 2012

Out of the hearts of kids and into the heart of mom!

The drawing on the chalkboard in our dining room by our girls caused daddy to 'read between the lines!' He called the 'guilty' one to him and asked why the heart around mom's name was bigger than the one around dad's name! (after all, it is Father's Day this month, not Mother's Day!) Oh you should have heard the sweet excuses fly. I was too short, I ran out of chalk, the D's are bigger than the M's..........
Dad---"Yea, yea, I see how it works now. That's okay, I can live with it, it's no secret anymore who you all love more!"

It made for lots of laughter and teasing, especially for daddy!


Anonymous said...

That's cute.


Cinnamon said...

Very sweet!

Any special father's day plans?

John won't even be home. He'll be gone with the National Guard. That will give me extra time to find something extra special to do.