06 June 2012

May was here, but now it's gone!

April came and went, and now MAY? Really? I can't believe how time flies! I tried to capture May as well as I could. The month of May made for, so far, 4 really sick kids. One boy and 3 girls were down. But of course, as usually happens, not at the same time. It has been a weird thing for sure. Extremely sore throats and bad headaches. As of right now I have 2 more that are in the beginning stages of what will most likely last 5-7 days if previous history repeats itself. Sleepless nights, cups of warm lemon and honey, cold wash cloths on foreheads, and of course the usual crying and discomfort that come to children when they are under the weather. Praying for better health for June!

Big sister Makenzie giving loves to sister Mary.

Tea parties are a constant around our home. With 5 young girls you can't have too many! Mostly our tea consist of juice, chocolate milk, or as in this case, a warm, (not hot) cup of organic chamomile herb tea with a spoon of honey and pumpkin muffins.


Our Miss Kaydee made these amazing little cakes for one of our teas this month. The light glaze on the top was the perfect touch!

My boys made the best calzones ever! Emma whipped up some pizza dough for them but the rest was done by the 'expert' hand of these guys! They learned how to make them while in CO from their cousin Derek. They loved them so much that now they make them about once a week! Pizza dough, pepperoni and cheese. Roll up and spread melted butter and garlic on top and bake them. They informed me that now they like pizza without sauce!

My little silly face maker can drop anywhere, anytime! I know it wouldn't work for me!


Mary has been and still is our official silly face creator!

I don't even think Aaron noticed his little sister Mary playing games with him until he was ready to get up and move to another room! I'm amazed to see how some things don't even faze a person. Aaron being the strong boy that he is can easily handle the game his sister is playing.

And here are my sweet twins all dressed up and ready for their very first church dance. We teased one of the older boys that they should 'escort' his little sisters but he got embarrassed and teased back. However, he did go and enjoy himself but I'm sure there was no escorting going on!!

Ah, our first homemade summer butter batch. Not as yellow as June or July butter but it turned out wonderful. Next time I think I will sour the cream and try a cultured batch. But no matter the color it tasted delicious on this bread!


EEEEKS! Makenzie just HAD to take a picture of me the other day when I finished on the treadmill. She told me I looked like a combat soldier wearing that 20lb weight vest. I only wore the vest for 1 mile out 5 and I was sooooo ready to get it off. I kept saying, hurry, hurry, snap it and be done! It made her smile that I put it on my blog. As for me, it made me blush!

These books have been so fun. It's been interesting reading about homes and kitchens from the past. Times have come a long way since then.

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Becca said...

Thanks for sharing! I just love looking at pics of your life! Hey, did you see my last blog post -- there's something about YOU in it! And, seriously, you wear a VEST for the first mile? Guuuurl, you amaze me! You're looking GREAT!!!!