08 February 2012

Resolved to workout

I love to workout. Always have! Ever since I was a young person moving my body has been a huge part of my life. While in school I was on the gymnastics team, a competitive ice skater, played softball every summer, and I could always be found jumping in on a game of volley ball, basketball, and even tackle football with my 5 siblings!

Suddenly, and before I knew it, REAL life hit at the age of 20. I got married and began my family. I was still in the military until shortly after my daughter was born and blessedly I was relieved of my 6 contract and was able to be honorably discharged so I could begin my life as a wife and mother. (I had an amazing CO who was a family man and was happy to relieve me of my duties after my first 3 years were fullfilled) That part of my life ended and another began! One that has been full of physical ups and downs for many years. I was born to be active and so I continued to do my best in between babies, nursing, homeschooling, and all that comes with having 12 kids. Fast forward to now and I have been consistently working out for a few years. No baby breaks for a time has meant I could stay on the ball for much longer than I had been able to do in the past And since it seems the babies are no longer being sent from the Lord he gave me a new baby: the ability to catch up where I left off. And I love it. It's not easy either this time around. I'm older, weigh more, still quite busy with homeschooling; but RESOLVED to stay in the game. Another reason it is harder is I am doing way harder workouts than I used to do. In the past I only knew cardio, (except while in the military) but now I do circuit training using a mixture of weights and cardio together to get a really good burn! I throw in yoga at least once a week, and love to take brisk walks whenever I can. For me, walking is the icing on the cake, even after a good workout! I love to walk!

But it's what motivates me to exercise is why I'm writing this post. (Obviously, my MAIN motivators are my awesome husband and children). In doing so, I hope I can motivate others to begin making needed changes in their own lives. It is a process, but one well worth the effort. The word I've chosen to push me is RESOLVE. We have many choices in life but there are some I don't give myself. One is where my working out is concerned. I don't give myself the choice. Each day when I wake up the question is not: "Do I feel like working out today? It is: Hmm, what am going to do for pain today?" Pain, that's what it is. A full hour of pain 6 days a week. (Five if I feel like being kind to myself!) The choice has been made. As long as I am in good health and feeling well, I WILL get my workout in!

I have found though that there are two things to be considered. They go hand in hand and compliment each other perfectly. Diet and exercise. I am NOT strong in the diet area. (Not diet as in diet for a week, but my lifelong diet) I eat really well. Whole foods and as close to completely natural as I can. But let's be honest, I do love my junk food! Within reason of course. One scoop on Breyer's vanilla ice cream? No thanks, how about 3 or 4 scoops!! That's my motto. And it's my motto that drives me to the pain I go through everyday! But I have to say that each day is getting easier and easier for me. As I'm working out I hear my mind saying, that slice of cheese cake was SO NOT WORTH IT! That candy bar, SO NOT WORTH IT! What I am finding - very, very slowly is that it isn't worth it. And because of my intense workouts I realize that it is easier to say NO than it is to bust it out in a workout.

My goal now, is to maintain weight and intensity of workouts as best I can. Both are going well. I am slowly finding the middle ground of moderation in both areas. I still have a l o n g way to go in my journey, but taking it one day at a time will s l o w l y get me there! My resolve is there: get that workout in everyday and give thanks to Heavenly Father for my new baby, and for the strenght, determination, and resolve to get er' done! Because if it weren't for Him, whom I give the glory to, I fear what my life would be like. Most likely, I would be spinning out of control and only facing a dream of feeling halfway healthy!

Disclaimer: LOL I have a really HARD time talking about myself in this way!!!!!! I only hope that by doing so I am being an inspiration to whoever may read this :)


dggp said...

So cool. I really need to get determined myself and do something! Thanks for sharing your experiences, even though you were a bit apprehensive about doing so!

busymomof10 said...

thanks for the inspiration! this is just what I needed to read!!!!!!!!

Now, will you please tell me WHERE you fit that hour a day into your schedule?? Please be specific and practical and share MORE! :)

ccc said...

I could have wrote this post. I have been trying hard now to work out since babies are not coming my way now and the physical demands of nursing and taking care of a toddler/baby are not there anymore. For years exercise was on the back burner because, but now I find it enjoyable to do. And, you are right about the food choices too. But, I sometimes think the opposite and think that since I am going to work out I can surely have that piece of cake!LOL
I am glad you wrote about this, I think women our age are thinking about these things and it is important to us.

Cinnamon said...

It was great to read about your transitions through life. We make time for what is important don't we?

And yes it is easier as time goes on to say NO. When we have to pay for it NO comes a lot quicker :-/

Good for you being resolved to do what is hard. What a great example to your girls.

And you look fabulous!!


dlpower said...

I love this. Thanks for sharing. It inspires me to read about others journeys and keeps me motivated to stay on track.

mommyx12 said...


I thought I'd write a blog post on how I work my exercise into my schedule but maybe another time. It's pretty simple. First, I am home like 99% of the time. Second, my children do well at their chores and I get help with meals from them. Third, we only have outside activities on Monday and it is all day pretty much. Piano from 12 to 1:30, then straight to voice from 2 to 4 so I don't always do my subject teaching on that day unless my husband works at night, then I'll do it then. Otherwise I do it on Saturday. The kids bring along their lessons to do while waiting for their turn at music. I normally wake up before the kids and I do it then. And I've cut back on my workouts like a month ago. I was doing anywhere from 50 minutes to 90 minutes. Now I try keeping it under an hour. Four, it is my thing. It's me time! Everybody I think has a me time and that is what I do with my me time. It's ALL I do right now for me but it's enough!

I used to take the time to sit and nurse a child, so I don't do that anymore, something has to fill the time! Plus I love it. I've truly gotten myself to the point that I truly, really, love working out. I love how I feel and that helps keep me going. Very seldom there is anything that gets in my way. We make our annual Colorado trip but I take along my dvds and keep it up. I just get up earlier to get it in while there! I manage quite well because it is something I really WANT to do so it gets done. I think that's key, you have to WANT it. I very rarely take a day off except for Sundays. I bet I can count on one hand how many times I worked out only 5 times the whole past year. I think I might be on the obsessive side of it and I am working on that! I'm not being snarky either. I really think I am. I used to be when I was younger before the children came. Obsessive. And I don't want to be that way. But I am getting better. My first step was to take my workouts from well over an hour to under! Slow and steady wins the race!

Hope this helps explain. Number one is I am home all the time and that is really helpful. I find I don't have as much time to read right now except to the kids but it will come in time!

Jennifer said...

Oh you are so good! I really don't think I have it in me right now and I haven't even had a baby for 8 years! Please help me with my excuses. Actually, never mind, I like my excuses! lol

Anonymous said...

{{{waving hi}}}} I'm stopping by with a quick repetitive hello to everyone. I've had so many people on my heart but just couldn't visit blogs while visiting my grandmother in the hospital. I'm finally home and trying to make the rounds quickly and prepare for another possible trip to be back with her soon. I've read all the posts on my reader!

Have a wonderful weekend, Tamara

Cathy said...

I know what you mean. Although I did not ever work out until I was 45 years old, and my eleventh and last baby was two years old. I do love the way I feel physically and mentally when I exercise. In bad weather, I like to walk on a treadmill, do some weight machines, and swim indoors. (I go to the Y.)In good weather, I LOVE riding my bike around the neighborhood.

Becca said...

Tricia -- you're such an inspiration! I feel like that last line -- spinning out of control, facing a dream of feeling halfway healthy. I'm sitting here on my bed still really sore from a severe spasm I had last night right before bed. The last four years have definitely been a struggle as I'm beginning to understand what does and doesn't affect my fibromyalgia. It's hard and scary to make myself exercise, not knowing if it's going to help or make me feel worse! That's why I bought the roller skates! I knew I would love it enough to keep going with it -- even on my bad fibro days!! I'm sure people must think it funny to see some 44 year old mom roller skating while the kids ride their bikes around her! But, hey -- I'm having fun!