02 November 2011

Scenes from October

Fall decorated cupcakes and hot cocoa offered after hours of wood splitting

One day of many days splitting wood

Hugs from big sis!

Quietly working on lessons!

Daddy finishing up on the roof repairs!

Looking sweet after sister fancied up her hair!


Pam... said...

So many pics look familiar to scenes from here!I guess that's what large families have in common. Like the splitting wood, reading with all the kids crunched together (who gets closest to mom!). Like big sis doing hair or having a give away! Too funny. Enjoy.

ccc said...

I thought the same thing as Pam! My girls do each other's hair or doll up the little ones. And, the older girls giveaways are to die for for the younger girls!
I am going to have to show that picture of the wood splitter contraption to my son who is up in Alaska. He has to split wood daily by hand in order to heat up his cabin. He enjoys it though.
Great pictures

Jennifer said...

How fun.

Cinnamon said...

I *love* the picture of you all on the couch!! THAT is where the memories are made in simple, daily, loving moments.



Kim said...

What a month filles with memories! Thanks for sharing!

The Mayo Family said...

What a fun look at the month!
Looks so cute how the girls do
"hair-do's" we have that as well!
Big family traites :) ha!
Looks warm, family, loving & blessed!
Enjoy November...it'll be gone before you know it!

Diane said...

The wood gathering and splitting is very familiar to us also. Love all the pics of daily life for your family.