05 November 2011

Babysitting Boy Style

I spent several hours today shopping and running errands in the 'city' and left one of my boys in charge. And I have to say that ever since I have had children old enough to tend the younger ones that my boys take the cake in the creative ways they've come up with in order to see that the littler ones are in 'safe keeping' and out of harms way. This is how my boy today tended to one of his little sisters while I was away. He and the other's were busy raking up leaves while at the same time making sure she was 'safe!' At least that's what they told me when I asked them why she was in the trailer! "We didn't want her to run off or get lost!"

They piled leaves and toys into the trailer that sits a bit too high off the ground for a young one to climb out of and yet smart enough to not want to jump from it!

She seemed perfectly content as far as I could tell but at the same time she was thrilled to be set free again by her mama!

She bolted the second her feet hit the ground!

A few more pictures of the creativity of my boys and their babysitting woes, I mean ways!

How about you moms. Do your older children find creative and not so creative ways when tending to younger siblings?


Pam... said...

And what wonderful fathers they will be if God wills it, one day. I am always blessed and often in awe of my children and their love and care for their siblings. I praise God for allowing me to have many children. We are so richly blessed, Tricia. God sure knew what He was doing.

Jennifer said...

Oh my. I seriously laughed so hard! How imaginative children can be when left to their own resources!

Ritsumei said...

Awesome!! Gotta love the basketball hoop. Too funny.

Julia said...

ROFL! I laughed when I saw the hoop pics, too! God bless you and your family,
Julia, in New Zealand.

Mom of 12 said...

I love the fact that the older ones can watch the younger ones! It's what makes it all possible. I have two grownup daughters living at home right now while they are student teaching and it's almost like having a couple of extra moms around.

ccc said...

I can't think of anything creative my children have done as babysitting that can beat the basketball hoop! I know that a fun pastime when I am gone to keep the little ones busy is baking and letting the little ones "do" everything--sometimes I come home to a mess, but something yummy.

OurLilFullFam said...

I love it!