14 October 2011

Finding words that "fit" the child

Describing our children in words can be at times a bit of a challenge. They all tend to 'wear' so many words on their sleeves at any given moment that it truly can take an entire dictionary to find the words to describe all that makes up their spirits. Here is a photo I grabbed of our Kenzie after reading a story. She chews on every word over and over in her mind from everything she hears or reads. Do you have a child like this?

My word I've chosen for her today and most days is 'contemplative' from the word 'contemplate'

To view or consider with continued attention; to study; to meditate on. This word expresses the attention o the mind but sometimes in connection with that of the eyes; as, to contemplate the heavens. More generally, the act of the mind only is intended; as, to contemplate the wonders of redemption; for example. 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language


Jennifer said...

she does have that look doesn't she!

Ruby said...

that is a geat descriptive word for that child! I had a comtemplative one. One who loved etymology and playing with words. We still get along well doing crosswords!

Kim said...

That's a very fitting word, I see! It's neat to think about what must be going through her little mind, with a face like that :0)