08 August 2011

My bad

But it still doesn't make me feel any better knowing it was my fault. Our daughter Robyn was expected to fly home today from her Aunt's house in Utah. Pick up time: 12:50. We were a bit late to arrive at the airport but only by about 8 minutes. It's a small airport so I knew it would only take about a minute to find her. The flight was on time so I looked around and didn't see her anywhere. I called her on her phone, no answer. Hung around for a few minutes and called again. Beginning to get nervous because that's what I do. Called her phone again, and again, and again. By now, well, if you are a mom you know the by now stuff. I go out to tell dad I have no idea where she is. He called Utah to speak to Aunt Marjorie, she then called her son who was to have taken her to the airport this morning as we wanted to make sure she even made her flight before I panic anymore than I am already.

Still calling her phone and no answer. By now, about 20 minutes have lapsed and I am in tears. I mean, I was shedding some serious tears. She was no where to be found. (I had begun to pray quietly and honestly I was feeling better, still crying, but feeling peace) Daddy trying to calm me as well but I couldn't seem to pull myself together! Finally, a call from simultaneously from Aunt M and daughter Christie telling me that she doesn't fly out until TOMORROW morning, not today. Okay, my bad!! I am so happy to say that she is still safe and sound in the care of her Aunt M. I have to tell you, I'm getting way too old for this!! (Okay, kids, you can all stop laughing at me now. I was in real pain for a little bit!!)


dggp said...

Oh no. You poor girl. I totally understand about the tears. Good for you though, I wouldn't have lasted the full 20 minutes!!

Anonymous said...

(((Hugs)))) Oh, how scary! I would have been in tears, too.

I'm so glad that it all worked out and prayers will be said for tomorrow.

I think I saw your posts on the FIAR Message Boards and wanted to offer any help or questions you may have. I'm still learning but we are having a lot of fun in the process.

ccc said...

Oh, I would have been the same way!!I am glad it was resolved although not quickly enough for your sake. Why don't these kids ever have their phone on? Well, at least mine always have the sound off and tucked away in a bag/purse.

Homeschooling6 said...

Thank the Lord she is okay. I would have been in tears too!

Becca said...

Why am I just now hearing about this? Good grief -- I'd be in hysterics too! I once lost Carolyn at a church that we take them to for VBS -- that was not fun! I can only imagine losing a daughter into thin air! :)