09 August 2011

Janai's day out with mom and dad

On Saturday we celebrated Janai's birthday with dinner out and shopping. Janai is so sweet and pleasant to be around and we have an awesome day together! She chose to go to an Asian restaurant, hence her choice of attire!! She fit right in!

We were only about 500 yards away from home when I heard a 'kirplink' in the backseat. This is what I found when I turned around. I'm afraid our day out must have exhausted her.

But once inside she was all revved up again for her cake and ice cream celebration with her brothers and sisters. She loves making rosettes to put on her head bands so she picked out some more fabric so she could make more. She also chose the game of Trouble. Which I really think is like the 25th time we've bought that game since we began having children!


Anonymous said...

Love the darling outfit! Did you make it?

..and I think we've bought Trouble a few times too many ourselves, too!

mommyx12 said...

No, I didn't make the outfit. She found it at a thrift store and fell in love with it right away. It kind of matched my shirt I think!

Juli said...

happy birthday janai! she is very pleasant to be around. i really like your shirt too.